Created: Thursday, 19 October 2006 Written by Chato
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The eternal dilemma about where to put the
wealthy Oz establishment greasy pole.

Up your awful, sadistic, Liberal Party loving butts?

What do you lovers of the greasy little Kirribilli
Kid, like shoved up there? Up the filthy and bloated
rear end I mean.

The greasy pole you cunts want all others to
attempt to climb? Or perhaps you would benefit
from having some ladders of opportunity rammed
up your putrid colons? A nice serving of freedom
of choice could be a suitable dessert.

You cunts are always talking about choice, so it
is fair and fitting that you sickening hypocrites
should have some of it yourself, just to learn
how it feels to be subject to some of your own
rotten "choices" like so many of us have been.

Why is it that the modern Nazi is so fond of talk
of "freedom", "liberation", "choice", when all they
really want to do is have most people regimented
into glorified punitive labour schemes for the benefit
of the already ultra-comfortable plutocracy?

You cunts will be old and sick soon enough, and then
you will die. Some of you will die horribly.
How do you think your pathetic hypocrisy, greed and
sadism will help you then?