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Gelf Magazine ( is writing a piece about Google News, and we want to hear about your experiences with it. Please take a few minutes to fill out the questions below. Feel free to write however much you want and to ignore those questions that you don’t like. We’d appreciate it if you could send these back our way before the end of the weekend.

Thanks so much for your time,
David Goldenberg

How long has your publication been up o­n Google News?

Not too long, 6 months perhaps.Do you consider yourselves satire? If not, have you tried to delist yourself? If so, did you submit your site to Google or did they just add it themselves?

We are Australia's o­nly Fair Dinkum Newspaper. Some reader recommended us to Google news I think.Do you get much traffic from appearing in Google News? What percentage are we talking about?

I don't think so. 1%? I'll have to ask the tech boys and girls.What has been your experience with Google News?Well if they'll have us I won't say anything bad about them!

Do you feel like the algorithms they use to determine relevancy of news applies to your site? Why or why not?

I don't know what those algorithms are so I can't comment. Have you been featured prominently in Google News? Which story or stories was it for?Again I am not sure. I don't check Google News much so I wouldn't know. Perhaps our readers can comment o­n that o­ne.

Have you been in communication with staff from Google News? If so, what was your interaction like?

I have had no communication with them. Any good/funny stories about how Google News has positioned your articles?No.Any sites that Google News considers straight-news sites, but you think should be listed as satire?New York Times, London Times, Baghdad Times, ...any newspaper with "Times" in it.

Any other comments about Google News?No.Tex LumbagoEditor