COVID-19 Criminal Negligence

Sunday, 15 August 2021 By Max Gross

When will NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and her dodgy state government colleagues be arrested for criminal negligence?

This Saturday she announced 466 additional Covid-19 cases, four more deaths and 5km travel limit (down from the laughable 10km) for greater Sydney.

If Gladys had implemented a strict lockdown for all Sydney and surrounds two months ago we would not now be in this growing crisis.

ABC News online reports: “All of regional New South Wales has been placed in a seven-day lockdown until 12:01am on Sunday, 22 August.”

Gladys. Super Spreader.

Schools across the state will be closed for seven days. Children and teenagers account for one third of COVID-19 cases in NSW. Yet just a month ago the deranged NSW premier declared children could not catch or pass on the virus!

Interestingly, Gladys did NOT announce the statewide restrictions at her usually uninformative morning press conference but waited until later today and made the announcement on social media: Twitter!

And just yesterday, the purported Health Minister Brad Hazzard dismissed talk of a state wide lockdown:

“That has not been proposed to me by the health officials at any point, no.” !!!

Hazzard by name, hazard by nature.

As for Sydney, the same old reckless game of coronavirus whack-a-mole continues.

A Green Ribbon for Jeebus. Aussie PM ScoMo

 I cannot decide whether the NSW government is criminally negligent, indifferent or just fucking incompetent. Probably all of the above. Meanwhile, to the south in neighboring Victoria there were 21 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases, almost half of them in the community while infectious. To the north, Queensland recorded six new cases, including a one-year-old child.

As for Scott Morrison the prime minister (alleged), he is “stuck somewhere between rictus-grinning infomercial host and a strip club tout,” as commentator Ronni Salt so accurately put it.

A couple of weeks ago Gladys declared NSW is in the grip of a COVID-19 ‘national emergency’ but to date neither she nor the prime minister (alleged) have acted accordingly. The government response remains piecemeal and inadequate and the virus continues to spread from Sydney.

It looks to me like Ms B wants the virus to keep going.

What a terrific distraction from government corruption and her own dodgy antics! She sure as hell is not doing everything possible to stem the Covid-19 tide.

Yes, it is criminal negligence, reckless endangerment, bloody-minded intransigence and sheer incompetence!

Is there anybody in the NSW government who knows WTF they are doing?

I reckon the worst is yet to come.

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