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Hitler was really a Russian. Shock Father!

Created: Sunday, 02 March 2003 Written by YUGO
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Recently discovered in hidden NKVD archives, documents have been found that suggest that the infamous German dictator Adolf Hitler was not Austrian but was actually Russian and that he was the illegitmate son of none other than Gregory Efimovich Rasputin (1869 - 1916)!

Rasputin travelled widely and his obsession with women and hypnotic powers over the fairer sex led to the the creation of many illegitmate children. Whilst in Austria in 1888 he seduced and raped Hitler's mother, Klara Pölzli, convincing her that the quickest route to salvation was to have sex with him. Of the seven children she bore four died prematurely, one was moronic, and another was hidden from public view as an idiot. Did Hitler have a different Father from his siblings?

The occult interests of Hitler have been written of frequently. Could he have inherited his true Father's unholy powers?

The discovered documents were created by an investigation into Rasputin's past ordered by Tsarina Alexander who wanted to eradicate any evidence of Rasputin's past and avoid any embarrasment at court. A publishing deal has been made with a large but as yet unnamed publisher who has secured full rights to the story.