The Week that Was: Strange Occurrences and Alien Visitations

Monday, 25 October 2010 By XenoxNews UFO desk

It has been a weird week on this blue pill we call Earth…

Catastrophic dust clouds have engulfed our major cities in a haze so thick some people were ordered to stay indoors. Many reports of vaguely glimpsed strange flying objects were made…


 And over our most proud monuments strange craft circled at will; while the rest of humanity walked on oblivious…


It has been obvious to all dedicated XenoxNews readers that the fall of mankind is near. Our way of life shall soon crumble and fall and, like our primitive ancestors, we will be scratching in the dust to survive .

To keep you well informed of these coming disastrous events we have created the XenoxNews UFO desk. From it our dedicated reporters will promulgate all the latest news and events from the UFO world.

As the end approaches you can be sure that the frequency of these UFO visitiations will only increase. There will be more and more sightings, photographs, and video recordings.

But don’t expect the world media international conspiracy of silence on UFOs to change. The Murdochs and CNNs of this world have a vested interest in keeping things quiet; you won't read any truth there!

Dear reader there is only one news organization with enough courage and independence to publish the facts about the UFOs visitations.

So send us your photos, your personal observations, and we will publish it. No matter how fanciful you may think it we will put it out there so everyone can see and judge for themselves.

Remember the world, and you, has a right to know!

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