Wednesday, 09 April 2003 By Correspondent
OK now is your chance to pickup some really valuable Middle Eastern antiques and rugs at dirt cheap prices! I’m filing this report for Xenox News in front of the pillaged wreck of one Saddass’s palaces in eastern Baghdad. It’s been picked dry by the liberated people of Baghdad and they are willing to trade what they’ve got for a fair price (US dollars only). So as a goodwill gesture to all you peacenik Xenox News readers I offer my services to you in snapping up a few of these bargains.

1. 6x2m Portrait of Iraq’s former ruler – Sunglasses and smiling $10
2. Giant Assyrian Urns from 2000 BC $500
3. Some of the finest Persian Rugs $100
4. Dirty old lamp, just needs polishing! $5
5. A car battery and rusty old jumper leads with bits of burnt flesh still attached $250
6. Happy snaps of US marines urinating into Saddass’s golden dunnys $2

Just post a comment and I will do what I can to get these items for you.

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