Thursday, 06 November 2003 By Flim Flam Man

Gorgeous George? His Bedouin dancer?

The Uptown boys?

The Johnson family? Who brandished pistols at their complaining neighbours.

Early 20th century pharmacies? Where you could get some of that old time medicine; Opium.

The pebble strewn terraces of old footy grounds?

Frank Sinatra’s dog?

And that flat where we had to use a bucket to flush our refuse away in the toilet. With it’s balcony from which we gazed on the Foo King Chinese take away. Their clientele a motley bunch of hookers, dope fiends, and goo eyed tourists.

The Spectra Physics Series 2000 Argon laser? As beloved by Orion aliens.

The red rimmed anuses of the wild boys?

The old pier that drooped into the Yarra, surrounded by snakes on hot summer nights.

Dim, darkened passages behind the smoking mills...

That girl I followed into work?

The original gang of five in Xenox News Edition 1?

Ye olde blood thirsty tyrants? Now replaced by suit wearing, clean shaven graduates of the International Business School.

Moon setting over the bay.

Early openers and having a pot with the bums of the Vic Market.

All gone and maybe never to return...

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