Created: Saturday, 14 May 2005 Written by Chato
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The P.M. of Ostrichlia announces
the arrival of heaven on earth. The Pathological Malignancy, once
again in the grip of a severe
delusional sickness, declared
Ostrichlia an official part of
Heaven -

"Aussie workers have never had it
better for 28 years, and I did it!"
bragged the little cockroach.

"Statistics show that Aussies
have brought their expectations
into line with the rest of the
third-world, over the last 28
years, and now do not care what
happens to themselves or others.
They are prepared to do what they
are told to do by their bosses
no matter how awful the task."

Distracted for a second by the
annoying buzz of reality, the
Putrid Maniac returned to the main
theme with a stern warning -

"Any bludging workers out there who
think they can cheat their bosses
and have early retirement by dying,
will be punished in the afterlife!"
"We who worship the dead man on a
stick have special influence."

Responding fiercely to the latest
load of claptrap from the Canberra
Rodent, Kim Beatable, well-paid
loser and leader of the opposition
"As ever the P.M. has my full