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Sunday, 22 September 2002 By TEX LUMBAGO
You know I love life. Just as much as I'll love death when it comes. Sucking it out of a can.
As the humble editor of this News-Pictorial I enjoy the shit that flies thru these pages! And now there has been something just been released that will no doubt inspire our magnificent contributors to run riot. The US has just told the world how it is gunna run it. No one is allowed to get as big as it, and it will launch pre-emptive strikes against those rouge bastards that hate it.
Well Max sharpen that pencil! If this ain’t the most shit laden crapfest ever written since Karl M wanted to free the masses then I’ll squat and drop in the city square!
How about this situation…lil countries refusing to allow a particular company from a particular country take over the local power industry. “It is anti-competitive!” they scream. Well you know this how the yanks are gunna do it. First it will be Terrorists…then it will be financial terrorists! Not allowing Yanky companies the right to get what they want.
This is totally fucked.
And what will the Rodent do? Bend over once again? If he does, and I hate the prick more than most, he deserves to get a bullet. Because this is totally fucked. The yanks have declared they want to be rulers of the world and will not allow anyone to stop them. Be a man Johnny. Or will you be a fucking 4-eyed weasel. Easy to be tough guy for some poor pricks floating on rafts off Indonesia. If you don’t call this for what it is you surely a the worm of all worms.

Tex Lumbago
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