The search for a new Xenox News masthead

Created: Tuesday, 30 December 2003 Written by Nuff Monkey
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Is it too Greek, will the girls like this, will the girls like that, should it be plain or resplendent, is it overbaked? Xenox News needs your graphic contributions and comments. Enter now and win! Upload your variation of the masthead to the new Masthead Gallery

Visitors can help by adding new versions of the masthead or by making comments.

To enter an image create it in your favourite graphics program or pen it out with ink/blood/paint/pus etc and then scan it.

The final image will ideally be saved as a gif image on a 270 x 41 pixel canvas. (This includes the whitespace above and below the image as per our current masthead.)

The editor has also pledged a special prize (TBA) which will go to the creator of any new winning entry!

To add your image/s or make comments on the mastheads on show go to the new Masthead Gallery