GWOTs going on here then?

Created: Sunday, 14 March 2004 Written by Flim Flam Man
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Man this war is just one big Ethical Conundrum. What should we do? Lump all terrorist groups into a bag, call 'em evil and then do what???
Seems to be the main response of the limp dick right. watch 'em howl and moan about Madrid. "I blame Pilger and Fisk; for saying we can't beat them terrorists!"
Well maybe they got a point...but then again most likely not.
How can you beat 'em? Well first your gunna have to ask who are "them".
Any of our esteemed readers got any suggestions?

You'd have to say so far the osama is winning. Got us invading countries and embedding us in the best position for him to hit us. Winning so far, but we all know this war is gunna take years.

One things for sure though, unlike the Bush supporting dickheads would have you think, this war has absolutely no parallel to anything that happened in WW2. You would have to be a fair dinkum dickhead to think otherwise:

At the moment it seems that we are in quicksand and the more we yell and moan the further we sink.

Well it has to end somehow!