#ASKBOXHEAD Atomic Clock - Earth Clock

Friday, 27 January 2012

Dear Boxhead

Can you please explain the whole atomic clock, earth clock and leap second debate in terms that a regular Joe can understand?
Do you think we should maintain this leap second thing and does it mean adjusting the atomic clock, or the earth clock or is there a Greenwich clock or a sun dial that is the master reference?
Maybe everything should be based on Big Ben because that is a clock most people have heard of?
Also do you know if they have to wind Big Ben up with a big key or does it run on batteries?

Allen Ginsberg


Dear Allen,

Difficult question for me mate. I’m just a man with his head in a box; not a god damn rocket scientist! But, I’ll give it a go.

I reckon this leap second is just more of this time scam people been running. Just another way they try and steal your time from you. The bastards always seem to be tinkering with it. Lucky for me inside my box it feels like time stands still, or at least it doesn’t pass until I put a new carton on me noggin.

Want to ignore the time scam? Drink a slab and put the box on your head, you’ll have no worries then mate.

As for Big Ben, never seen it, don’t know it, and they can wind it up the fucken Queens arse for all I care.




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