#ASKBOXHEAD Cory Benardi Deputy PM?

Tuesday, 05 February 2013

Dear Boxhead,

Is there any truth - core or non-core - to the rumour that if Tony Abbott wins the federal election he plans to replace Julie Bishop as Deputy PM with that cosmopolitan, silver-tongued man of the world Cory Bernardi?

Your sincerly,

Norman Mailer


Hi Norman,

Back from the dead are ya? Written any new books? If not why not ya lazy prick.

I must admit here in the Box I usually don’t give much thought to politics, my mind is often turned towards more lofitier ideals…

Death... Taxes... And pussy...

But I thought I’d take a look at this Cory Bernardi bloke you're talking about.

Struth! What a fuckwit this guy is. Imagine this creep and Abbott running the country. It'd be like the fucking Opus Dei was in charge!

I thought we got rid of this type of numbnut when Bob Santamaria was sent to heaven… Christ on a stick...

So what to do? Well for the time being I'm doing nothing, cause I reckon ya average Aussie will wise up to these losers and not vote for them. But if these clowns do get up at the next election, then fuck it I'm bailing mate!



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