Friday, 07 June 2013

The Man with his head in a Box is back!


Today Boxy answers some queries from Aurora Brock about Celebrities…


#1 Who is Selena Gomez?

Do you think I spend all my time in the box wondering about who the fuck some Sleena Gomez is?

Well here is some news for you – I don’t. I wouldn’t know her from a dogshit stain on the footpath to the bottle shop.


Sleena Gomez?


#2: What does James Bond look like?

Ahh, now here is a question more to my liking. I reckon that James Bond, the real James Bond that is, not the many Hollyweird incarnations of him, would be a right handsome fella. Not afraid to shine either on the beach or suited up for a night at the pokies.

He’d be dashing and would get all the ladies.

And I reckon he’d have his head encased in a cardboard box just like me.



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