#ASKBOXHEAD Itchy privates

Monday, 08 July 2013

boxhead horns

Got a problem? Give Boxhead a call! He'll straighten you out in no time.




Dear Mr Boxhead,

I like to see myself as a regular guy, someone who is trying to keep up with all the fashionable fads of nowadays. I've got my Facebook and Twitter; but to further impress the ladies I have taken it upon myself to shave my balls as it seems all the Glitterati are doing it.

Problem is, it leaves my nutsack very red and itchy. And I don’t think I look too fashionable in the Nightclub when my hands are down my pants scratching all the time.


Do you have a solution for this infernal itch?




Tony's itchy scrotum.


Dear Tony,

You really sound like some sort of pervert. You wouldn’t be the head of some Political Party by any chance?

I myself have never suffered from itchy nuts so I’m not sure what advice I can give a dope like you. Maybe try some talcum powder, or I hear rubbing Tiger Balm on the affected spot can be quite useful for these sorts of genital ailments.

Look forgot about plucking ya pubes mate. If you really want to pick up the sheilas ya gotta get your head in a box. I’ve never had any problem since I put my mug in one.






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