#ASKBOXHEAD What is Christmas?

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dear Boxhead
We're taught that Jesus was born in a shed on 25 December and received presents from three kings and this is why we celebrate Christmas. Is that a fact or is there some other explanation?



boo to santa

 Some people love him, others hate him. But what does Boxy think of Santa?


Dear Tonsils,

Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Maybe stay off the piss for a while; that might help.

Xmas hey. Hmmm… hard to give a fuck. One of the reasons I put a box on me noggin; wanted to get away from that crap. All that jingle jangle buy me a present rubbish. So much better to be sitting back with the smell of cardboard and a cool frostie on me lips.

As for the myth behind it all, I got no idea. Probably doesn’t matter does it? People are gunna go Xmas crazy whether the bearded bastard of Bethlehem is real or not.




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