Inflation Nation:

Created: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 Written by Gentle_Tenant
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Get ready to have your guts ripped out
by inflation you dummies! Now that the speculators have been helped out by
the re-inflation of the money supply, the bill is
now being handed to the drooling retard Oz public
in the form of massive levels of real inflation.

Aussies are more than happy to pay the bill for
securing the fortunes of the international filthy
rich by paying much higher prices for everything
plus GST.

Just work harder, longer, cheaper, sleep in the
gutter, live on a third-world rubbish-tip, grovel
and fawn at the spectacle of preening celebrities
and the "winners" of the most culturally suicidal
epoch in Oz history.

Aussies, the worst is yet to come!