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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

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Dear Mr Boxhead,

It seems that lovely Mr Abbott is giving away Knighthoods. I am wondering what is the criteria for getting one? My husband worked very hard for Australia, and he loves the Queen, so surely he should be a chance.  Don’t you think?


Former Hostess of Lodge&Kirribilli House


Dear Hyacinth (I know it’s you),

A Knighthood hey? For your little bald headed Hubby? Sure why not, I mean wasn’t everything lovely when he was PM. As for now…

Christ. That Abbott is a dead set fuckwit.

Even with me noggin stuck in a box I can’t avoid seeing it. It’s got so bad his band of ex-Real Estate agents and suburban Solicitors is bailing on him. I dunno; was he born dumb or is it just the natural state of being a Liberal Party member?

So Hyacinth I don’t think your Tony will be around long enough to give the gong to your Hubby. I would suggest that if he wants his Knighthood he better start sucking up to the next dimwit from the ranks that takes over the Party of Stupid.




Boxhead by the pool for the wedding


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