Created: Saturday, 23 April 2011
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Dear Boxhead,

Are you going to join with the rest of the world and watch the Royal Wedding next weekend?

Happy Camper, Bankston


I am sorry to say Happy that I am not that excited by this wedding. It lacks the spark of the Lady Di and Chuck matrimonial extravaganza; or the local connection when Aussie Girl done good Princess Mary got hitched to some Danish two-head.

Let’s face it, Prince Willie and Kate Middleass are a dreary pair. Watching these in-bred scions of the English Upper Class get hitched will be about as exciting as watching paint dry. I hope at least they have some good entertainment for the dinner.


Presenting the Wedding Entertainment

Condi banging away on the Ol' Johanna for Willie & Kate


No, I think I will be in my Box sitting by the pool and watching the world go by...