#AskBoxhead Did you rip this here boy off???

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Boxhead. He is a Man among men. Not to put too long a bow on it, but he is a fucking genuine Aussie wonder!

Always ready to answer your questions, today he deals with a query from a fella in Clayton, Georgia...




Dear Boxhead

Did you rip this here boy off???

You done stole yer boxhead name from this poor feller?:  "Boxhead is a series of single player games developed by Sean T. Cooper where the objective is to shoot and kill zombies."  You him?  You like killin zombies?  Watch out fer them gooberment enforcers boxboy  - they git a drone that'll hunt you down like a pig in korn klown krap, if ya know what I mean vern.

Love, Ricardovitz


Dear Ricardovitz,

I am an original. A diamond in the mud. A rolled gold, dinky-di, fair fucking dinkum, Aussie wonder. When it comes to Boxheads, I was made and then they broke the mould. Perfection had been reached.

You, on the other hand, like to diddle your sister. Or at least that is what I have been reliably informed by other readers of this esteemed newspaper.

It is much more likely that Sean stole his idea from me. I mean, he is probably a dumb arse Yank like yourself, and we know there hasn’t been anything original out of your country since the last Jew emigrated back in the 20s.

So, there you go Ricky. I have answered your question. You can now go and toddle off to play with your pop guns and your hillbilly mates, and do whatever you sister-fucking fools do in the Ozarks.






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