Created: Saturday, 30 July 2005 Written by TEX LUMBAGO

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Xenox NewsHey did you know it is the 25th anniversary of the first edition of Xenox News?

That’s right; 25 years since the original pamphlet was pasted upon the walls of a certain secondary school in Australia. Unfortunately no surviving copies remain but you can be sure it caused quit a stir!
Like now, incendiary political satire and juvenile rantings were at its core.

Unfortunately it was only one page long so there was no Page 3 nudity…

And the authors of this dubious rag; what happened to them?
Most are lost in the mists of time, but a few brave stalwarts remain ;)

They remain faithful to the original calling of XenoxNews:
To antagonise the powers that be!
To espouse philosophy that could only be called inspired!
To illuminate the turgid miasma of existence with a clarion call of exquisite delight!
And to post the occasional nudey shot…

That’s what XenoxNews is all about….

So to all our contributors: thank you. Thank you for all of your stories, articles, diatribes, pictures, and poetry! They are all magnificent and worthy of the XenoxNews ideal.

With the support we get from you I am sure XenoxNews will last another 25 glorious years!

PS Coming soon the internets latest and greatest radio station: XenoxRadio.
Stay tuned for more details.