#AskBoxhead Ever been caught wanking?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our Boxhead. What a legend. He'd make a better PM than Tony, Bill, or Malcolm. With him at the helm Australia would be great again!

But for now he is content to solve any of your problems you care to send him. Today it is Mr Cohen...



Hi Mr Boxy,

I was enjoying some quiet time at home. Just me and the PC. So I was feeling a bit frisky, as you do, and started perusing a few of those naughty web sites. Well, before you know it, I was stroking the pole and everything was mighty fine, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted someone. Shit! It was window washing day, and Ahmed the Bangladeshi was scrubbing the glass with me and my exertions in full view! I quickly pulled the blinds and continued.

Tell me Mr Boxhead, how should I feel about this indignation?


Mr Cohen


Dear Mr Cohen,

Ah yes. A man and his cock. Always difficult to separate. Especially when he has time on his hands.

No doubt there was some embarrassment. It is not only the fact you were pleasuring yourself, it is also because you have exposed your greatest weakness to another man.

Your puny penis size.

Now I am not going to get up on my soapbox and claim I’ve never had recourse to entertain myself; we are all human after all. But the fact that my noggin, encased in a sheath of cardboard, is not exposed means that if I was ever caught in the act no one would know who it was they seen doing it. And in this you can find your way out of your conundrum.

Put your head in a box. It’s so simple.

Why then, you can strut the streets not giving two hoots if Ahmad posted snaps of you twanging the wire on FacedIn, TweetBot, or whatever. That’s because now you have a box over your mug, no one will know who you are!

That is, except for yourself and me ;)




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