Friday, 06 April 2007 By I love Till Lindeman
On Golgotha hill,
The bitch forgot her pill.
Guess I’ll claim immaculate conception,

The messiah was a moaning,
My shift was almost over.
Stuck in the pin and the sun went black.
Ever since.

I stared up at the cross,
Man it is a big ugly world.
And then he died.

If one looks at the ground;
Not a soul around.
You can see where the best and brightest
will end.

Hey Lord
I love the way you put me in the big house.
Nothing I do you can’t see
So this wank I squeeze it out for you.

The hill looked like a skull,
And three were tied up on the wood.
And then they dead and the sun went down…
Somehow baby we will beat this place.

Das ist Mein Teil!
I love Till Lindemann!
Hebron 2007

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