#AskBoxhead Trump takes all! Trump takes all!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Boxhead. The Man in the Box. What a fucking Aussie legend. When the world is going to shit he is the one man you can turn to for true guidance.

Today he has a question from Little Pete that's on everyone's mind. What to do about President Trump?



Dear Boxy,

We have entered a scary new era. We have a certified numbnut dickhead elected Yank President, and now he is surrounding himself with a cast of crazies right out of Der Sturmer. What the fuck are we to do?

Little Pete


Dear Little Pete,

Yep, sure is a shocker. The man is a buffoon, but I suppose that doesn’t disqualify him from being President of that dumbarse country. His opposition wasn't much chop either.

Well, I have spoken before on what I think our rights are when we have clowns in charge. I'd imagine if someone did have a ping at old Donald then a whole shit storm would come down. Better now than later? Who knows.

As a Man in a Box I have been granted more advantages than most. I glide through your neighborhoods like the wind, with a winsome blonde on each arm, the Man in a Box is envied by all.

But not everyone can be like me ;)

This Trump seems the herald of a new dark age. I can avoid it, but Little Pete, I don't think you can. In that case it's time to be Little no more. Stand up and be a man. Organise with fellow believers. Unionise. Get out on the streets and tell these fuckers you ain't gunna be crushed.

As for me, I will be here in my Box giving more than just Moral support. As I have always done.





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