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Boxy. Wherefore Art Thou?

Created: Wednesday, 16 December 2020
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Dear Boxy,

It has been a while since we beheld your mysterious countenance. A long time since you dispensed your pearls of wisdom to the adoring masses. It has been so long that some are even doubting your existence.

Tell me Boxy, are you still here? 




Boxy is this you

A Tbilisi artists rendition of Boxy without the Box.


Dear LordyLordyLordy,

Thank you for your concern. But no need to worry, I am still here.

Now there may be some clowns out there who think that I have flipped the box. That I have tossed it away and 'gone straight'. That I have left my life of enlightenment and bliss just to go and make a quid in some office.


This man in the Box has a will like a stony plinth of steel. Nothing is going to change him.

When your noggin is in cardboard it is like a Faraday Cage that keeps the bliss in and the hassles out. Like some boxheaded Lobsang Rampa, Wisdom flows straight from my Pineal Gland to radiate out of my cardboard eyes to give all who view me a wonderful feeling of...




And what do they know?

Well put your head in a box and find out. That includes you as well you sister-fucking hillbilly Ricky ;)


Yours ever humbly and in solidarity,