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A 3-day workshop in a secluded country hideaway will take you on the motivational trip of a lifetime.

Unleash the power within. The ultimate in stress relief.

Secrets of the ancients revealed in this must-see workshop.
Unravel your tightly wound psyche to open up your inner potential.

We motivate the motivators, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Get a grip on your life and turn it around.

A technique that offers you release that will have you weak at the knees.

Scientifically proven, you’ll be waxing lyrical. A fucking great weight off your shoulders. Our world-class staff will take you on a personal journey to the center of your universe.

It’s a play on words. Receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course; at the ‘Fucking Furious’ graduation.

Couples welcome: relationships repaired by the ‘Fucking Furious’. But please no children.

Mix business and pleasure and still lead a successful life!

Sign yourself up for the ‘Fucking Furious’.

Group and corporate bookings welcome. Bosses watch your profit soar as the productivity of your workers double.

Blow it out your arse like a Howard Johnson!

Your will a stony plinth of steel; unbendable, unyeildable; a ‘Fucking Furious’ guarantee.