Hillbilly Happy when Yankee Kyle Kills Some Commies With His AR-15

Saturday, 27 November 2021 By Ricardovitz

Thar World is a better place cuz Kyle Rittenhouse killed commie Rosenbaum 'n tore up the flesh of some other Antifa commies in Kenosha.

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Mr. Rittenhouse is a National Hero. 'N Rosenbaum - well, he's gettin his brains sucked on by maggots 'n other nefarious underground critters.


Yessiree, 'ol Rittenhouse done pumped lead into them dumb commies who came after him.

hillbilly ville

Tore thar asses up with 5.56 Nato blast'n from his muzzle.

karl snr

Killed 'n tore up by a 17 year old kid with a rifle who know how tar use it.

 stoned c in c

That's how its done in the U.S.ofA. boys 'n girls. Yessiree.

robot penis

So, Commies (that be you, Xi Jinping 'n Max Gross) y'all watch yer backsides fer fly'n lead!!!

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