Twitter Essay...Tricky Nixon & Billy McMahon

Saturday, 06 December 2014 By XenoxLeaks

IN case you missed it, here is a twitter essay... the targets Tricky Dicky Nixon and Aussie PM Billy McMahon...

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1. Two titans of conservative politics of the early 1970s meet in Washington in '71. Coincidently Billy's missus wore a split skirt and flashed her legs
2. Always been conjecture what Tricky and Billy spoke about. At the time the Vietnam War was raging so can assume it was high on the agenda
3. Aussie diggers had just liberated Khe Sanh from the dastardly commies,perhaps Billy was getting a pat on his bald head from Tricky for that
4. Now tapes of their Oval Office conversation have been leaked to XenoxNews…      And reveal Tricky was more interested in Billy’s missus than this triumph of Australian arms

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5. No doubt Tricky viewed Billy as a caricature of a leader, and may have thought that he was a chance with Sonia

6. The sexual prowess or otherwise of Nixon has never really been discussed. Even if he was circumcised or not was never known.

7. Unlikely he was. Nixon was an inveterate anti-Semite. Pity Frost didn’t ask him about it in his landmark interview with him post-Watergate

8. So Tricky’s exact words were: “Bill, have you ever felt tired in your marriage?”

9. Unfortunately McMahon’s words aren’t too clear but something along the lines of “yes I even take a nap sometimes…”


10. Then Tricky gets a bit more forthright “No Bill, I mean with your wife”

11. McMahon mumbled some reply but Nixon cut him off with a line about his hated nemesis Kennedy

12. “That Irish catholic bum fucked more women in this office than anyone before or since”

13. “I, would like a piece of that action.”

14. “Can I talk to Sonia?”

15. With that the tape is cut off. Would have been nice to know what happened further along with this conversation!

16. One thing, it is good to see that even in those days Australia was treated with respect by its strongest ally.

17. How many other countries leaders got to offer their wives to the leader of the free world?

18. Do you think Obama would say the same to Abbott today?

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