To tell the truth… I wanna vote for Trump

Thursday, 17 March 2016 By Ghost of Sinclair Lewis

He lies. So what? All politicians do.

Trump finger 



I like the scowl. The contempt.

The contempt for them; the pricks at the top.

Yeh, yeh, I know he is one of them too.

Trump 00

I wanna vote for him because I know those cunts don’t want me to. The Friedmans. The Liberal elite. The Republican big boys.

The New York fucking Times.


Well fuck them. I am gunna vote for him. And he will give those pricks some more, and then some!

I heard his daughters are quite clever. Maybe they’ll serve in his Cabinet. It’ll be like a Royal Family.

Y’know, like the Bush’s and Clinton’s.

Trump 01

This country needs a kick up its arse. Too many losers. Too many people of the wrong type.

He says he is gunna make us great again. Don’t know if it’s true, but at least it’s a plan. Not like Hilary. What’s she promising?

More. Of. The. Fucking. Same.

gross stuff 34 20140424 1729231569

OK for her and her family. They get paid by the puppeteers. Here in Shitsville USA we got nothing.


Those GOP clowns better not be thinking they can block our boy. They will get the shock of their lives come Cleveland. We’ll run those fuckers right out of town.

Yeh I wanna vote for Trump. Don’t give two hoots what they think.

Trump hair 02

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