Saturday, 17 July 2010 By Tex Lumbago

So the clowns have decided to give the hoi polloi their say again. That's right it is Election Time!


As always Xenoxnews.com will be there with the facts, the scoops, the opinions that matter. So forget about going anywhere else. Tell Rupert to shove it up his clacker. You want the truth! You want XenoxNews.com!


We were there in 2001. In 2004. In 2007. Fuck, we were there in 1972. There is no better place for Australian Election coverage than right here.


Our band of expert commentators will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice in election 2010. We have the wit of LordyLordyLordy, the in-depth analysis of Max Gross, and the view from the US with our resident pundit Ricardovitz.

And I am sure as the election campaign hots up we will also hear the voices of the right with stalwart XenoxNews.com contributors and Abbott lovers Patriot, and his little mate Digger .

And if that doesn't get you going there is always the perverted mumblings of Herr Fucknuckle to satisfy the horny voter!


The choice will be difficult this time around for the little aussie battler; will it be the newly installed red-haired wonder woman Julia Gillard or the pawn of the vatican Tony Abbott? Here at Xenoxnews.com we don't  pretend to hide our biases in a fantasy of balance; we hate both with a passion.One thing is for sure, we won't let anyones spin stand in the way of our search for truth!


So remember, for all your election news, views, rumours, lies, and naughty pictures go no further XenoxNews.com; your trusted name in Australian Political Commentary and Analysis.

Tex Lumbago

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