Philosophical Solace while Death is at the Door

Saturday, 05 August 2023 By Weather Desk

Need some inspiration to beat the climate change blues? Well here are 10 easy ways to defeat this oncoming scourge...

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1. God salience heightens AI acceptance. Become religious, and accept that whatever happens is God's fault.

2. Participate in direct action protests against the CO2 cartels. If we don't 'Stop the Oil' the Oil is gunna stop us.

3. Squeeze your nuts if you got 'em; whenever you get stressed and 'climate conscious'.

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4. Tend to your garden. Solace for the mind and also some CO2 withdrawal from the atmosphere.

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5. Music can help. Put on a tune and get a pep in your step to chase them blues away.

6. I have always found that excessive consumption of alcohol can change your outlook on things.

7. Learn to swim (if you have not already).

8. Take solace in the fact that others have survived natural disasters before, so maybe you can too.

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9. Reduce some rich bastard's carbon footprint. Do it with extreme prejudice.

10. And if that all fails, take matters into your own hands.

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