People Accused of Crimes

Tuesday, 21 May 2024 By Honest Joe Establishment

Lots of people been accused of crimes nowadays. It seems the thing to do...

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Orange man. Banged up in court and may be going to prison soon.


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Fiendish Russian. They have a court order against him too.


Now it is one thing to have an accusation. It is another to do anything about it. Plenty in the past have had charges layed, but never had their time in court.

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So what are the chances anything will arise from the latest International Law adventure?

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Slim to nothing I reckon. And even if they do drag that slimy prick Netanyahoo to The Hague, the Yanks are bound by law to invade and rescue him. What a hoot that would be!


No, the 'law' isn't meant for people like him. It is the others that it wants.

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