Saturday, 30 April 2005 By Nadeem
Summer is nearly here which not only means a whole new set of clothes to buy for your wardrobe, but new hair cuts and hair styles to consider as well!!!!! This summer, hair styling takes center stage, whether it's a cascading mass of soft waves or one of the graphic shorter bobs or uneven movements we've been seeing around town. Nadeem Ahmed gives us tips on how to achieve the looks of summer style

It’s usually not till the end of the season that we take a good look at our hair and wonder why our hair has left us looking like street Beggar begging at Red lights!! This summer, take his advice and protect your hair from the ravages of the sun and sea.

Use a deep-conditioning treatment once a week.

Use a leave-in conditioner, sprayed through your hair (especially the ends) each time you wash.

Protect your hair by wearing a hat or scarf and tucking the fragile ends under the hat.

If you have blonde hair or lighten your hair over summer, be careful about swimming in chlorinated water as you may come out with a greenish tinge! Wet your hair first and apply conditioner before you dive in, to help prevent the hair from absorbing the chlorine bleach

Continue to have regular trims, a centimetre or two off every 6 weeks will keep the ends tidy and help to prevent damage from spreading further up the hair shaft.

Try to sleep atleast 8 hours a day and don't miss a chance of smiling


Fringed long layers: This is set to be the biggest look of the season and features heavily layered long hair with varied lengths of fringing.

Cruffy crops: the modern crop takes on a home made look, taking influence from the punk theme which is proving to be a popular trend this summer.

The layered bob: yesterday’s sleek bob moves over for the layered bob, featuring broken texture and fringes.

Shag Cut, Sqaured Layered Cut, Slice cut: These cuts will give lots of movement in the hair and above all are easily manageable

Straight hair with soft layers: It’s basically a long shag, but doesn’t just lay flat, the layers on top keep it looking fresh. A very simple and sexy style for this summer.

Hair Colour Trends:

"Because summer is all about simplicity and celebrating our natural beauty, the team at Rex Salon recommends going easy on the hair dye this summer. They advise to just play up your hairs natural colour and tone instead. In north India, people are actually scared of experiments & that makes life sometimes miserable for stylist" Grins Nadeem. Voilets, Red, Browns will be more appreciated and will reveal the feminity

Copper tones: vibrant copper tones are a great option for highlighting either blonde or brunette coloured hair.

The above article has been written by Nadeem Ahmed, India’s leading hair stylist. Nadeem Ahmed is India’s one of the leading hair fashion experts and he works at Rex Salon & Academy, Chandigarh. Nadeem also conducts classroom sessions, seminars & workshops on latest hair trends, colors, rebonding for creative professional hairstyling as well. He have entered into Limca Book of Records (Indian version of Guiness Book) by cutting hair with fire, blindfolded, hair cut with cutter and piece of glass and have been appreciated by Guiness Book of World Records. He have featured in most of the leading TV Channels, newspapers & leading fashion websites like, etc, Coupled with a hereditary passion, Nadeem completed a his diploma from his father's salon only. It is quite unusual believe it or not he learnt cutting techniques, styles from websites. He is inspired by just reading the interviews of the leading hair stylist on the net and now it has become his passion. Nadeem Ahmed sees Spring and Summer as a time to experiment with styles and textures, and believes women can and should have many looks to suit their different moods

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