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Created: Friday, 22 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Hogturd attacks family values once again!
The Howard/Costello baby-bribe has led
to a huge surplus of pink meat.

It seems that many young girls have taken the
Howard/Costello orgy-offer as a way to escape
the horror of being destroyed by Howardland
Zentrelink SS (social security) officers.

Furious fornication has led to a huge surplus
of unloved infants being spawned by frightened
little girls who have been cleverly confused
by neofascist rhetoric from sinister sociopaths.

Many regional centres in Ostrichlia have the honour
of having to care for the next unwelcome generation
of juvenile delinquents in the making.

Bad luck for all the grannies who have to pick up
the social slack caused by Johnny and Peter.

Johnny and Peter reckon that being a sociopath means
never having to say sorry - never ever!

Kim "Bigbag" O'Shitzly responded by failing to
kill his worthless self once again.