Created: Thursday, 18 January 2007 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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An eternity spent in Hell for his sins!
Could this outcome be a possibility?

The eternity in Hell started off well enough for
Turdly Suckhole. First there was the usual sinking
feeling, followed by the blaming of everyone else,
then followed by the famous last thoughts -

"I would have made it out CLEAN if I had quit
while I was ahead, and not got greedy and tried
for just one more term - farking assassin!"

But that was just before Turdly Suckhole's stupid
and evil little mind became totally captivated by
his new fire and brimstone environment.

It took Turdly Suckhole considerably longer than
most to fully appreciate his situation, his
position in this eternity to be spent in Hell.
There was no hiding behind a screen of lies, no
mask of fake honesty. No smirking or grinning.
No fall-guy to take the blame for him. No victims
available to conveniently demonize in this place
where demons were not the victims.

The sounds, smell and sights of this infernal Hell
overwhelmed him.

The whole place was decorated as a mind bending
mockery of a tropical island holiday resort. A
holiday resort set in the mouth of an active
volcano, that was spurting burning sulphur fumes
everywhere, and covering the ground with red-hot
lava and ash. Strange and horrible little vermin
scurried over the ash to get at him to bite and
sting his naked body.

And the bloody temperature! Turdly Suckhole almost
had time to think with his rat-like mind
"Fark! Too farking hot! I guess I'm not in
air-conditioned Kirribilli House anymore!"
when he was suddenly confronted by a terrifying,
large man-beast creature - Turdly Suckhole's first
demon of an eternity of them.

The demon's belly and groin area caught Turdly
Suckhole's frightened eyes first, as it was
festooned with dozens of flaccid, vicious-looking
spiked pricks, coated with what looked like a
fur of fish hooks!

Then their eyes met. It was one-way love at first
sight. Without the slightest hesitation, or
foreplay, the demon's pricks grew to full awesome
erection, and he began to pant and vibrate with
lust and desire. His spiky arms snatched Turdly
into a crushing embrace and the pricks tore into
Turdly Suckhole's flesh.

Turdly opened his mouth to scream out in agony but
the demon's mouth clamped against his and he felt
it's white-hot tongue push into his mouth and
begin to blisteringly tickle the roof of his mouth
and the back of his scorching throat.

The demon rapidly thrusted his barbed tools into
Turdly Suckhole's new orifices until he ejaculated
explosively, filling his new love toy with his
scorching, sulfurous, Hell-style semen.
His massive ejaculations had snapped and crushed
Turdly's bones, and when he finally withdrew,
Turdly's violated, gawky body crumpled to the
steaming, vermin infested ground.

Turdly Suckhole had not managed to think a single
thought during this awful greeting. He was still
stunned when his wounds began to close, and it
wasn't until they began to swell that he began to
be himself enough to start hating weak-kneed
losers, and disabled pensioners again.

Most of the demons left him alone during the
incubation period, although some would point him
out to their buddies, and they would shriek out
their menacing laugh, "ha, ha, hee, hee, harrrrr",
like a tornado of hot stinking fart wind.

The swellings grew larger and began to hurt more
than the demonic rape had. Turdly Suckhole began
to notice movement in the gross protuberances.
Then, to his horror, the little demon fetuses
began to chew their way deeper, and his constant
begging and mournful howling brought a watchful
crowd of damned souls and demons.

It could only get even worse - much worse...