Soulless beings "celebrate" and "embrace" globalist confidence tricks

Created: Monday, 31 August 2009 Written by Chato
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The art of dangling unobtainable prizes before the
idiot children of the neo-Liberal vainglory plague
was perfected by the arachnid gargoyles of
organized coercion in the brave new globalist
Dystopia. Encouraged by the destructive success of
genocidal "reforms" and the globalization of slave
labour, the notion that what's good for the
spiders is also good for the flies was promoted.

Great social violence is born of rigid adherence
to the glorious vision of unbridled global
prosperity. Any other ideas are regarded as
suspicious heresies and deviations. So lack of
desire for the poisoned opportunities and
challenges woven into a web of deceit and hidden
motives by the malignant spiders of market
discipline shows loss of faith, and such
blasphemies must be punished.