There is a guy who wants to fuck me

Created: Saturday, 18 August 2007 Written by Green Haired Jim
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He wants to put it up my arse. Fuck my innards red raw.

There is a guy who wants to fuck me.

And woe is me; cause he is the Cap'n.

I dream of love. I dream of a soul mate. Together for eternity.

All he wants is to friction his dick with my colon. To explode that last bit of hope a man has into my arse.

I stand on the deck and hold the wheel. The wind is rising and the lads are hauling in the sails. But shit; here comes the Cap'n with his flags round his ankles and a cock cutlass in his hand.

I'm gunna have to stand at the wheel and watch the lonesome world go by...

"I'm done Jim" And he walks away.

He calls it love. But I dream of something more...