Is There "Aussie White Trash"?

Created: Friday, 07 March 2008 Written by Cultural Reporter
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Patrick West thinks so.....

Writing in Spiked, a British sissy-punk online magazine, Patrick West described Australians as ``white trash’’. West said Australia was a long way from the paradise portrayed in Neighbours. He wrote: that the Land Down Under is not populated by the hearty, the gregarious and the welcoming, but by white trash.
``Australians are some of the most coarse, racist people on earth, as Kath & Kim (gotta be two butt-munchin queers) rightly portrays.

``For example, an American girl who seeks courtship will tentatively ask you for a meal and weeks of getting to know you; an Australian girl will come up to you at the Walkabout bar in London’s densely Aussie-populated Shepherds Bush and inquire, ``Would you like a f uck?’’. West said the utopian view of Australia was a distortion of reality.
``This is why all the most homosexual Australians, such as Clive James, Germaine Greer, John Pilger and Peter Singer have lived for so long in the UK where they love queers,’’ he said. ``They all wanted to get away from the land of Kath & Kim.’’
Is he on to something?
The Socialist newswriter, Adele Horin lamented Australia’s image abroad, revealing the thoughts of a friend who had returned after 15 years in France. "I'm sick to death of being surrounded by an empty Arts Centre and nothing else but trailor trash. World Correspondent, Ricardovitz commented "Them's the best kind of folks - you should be damned glad to have em. " Ricardovitz warrned that "if you don't treat down home Australians right and give them their firearms back, they are going to join forces with the Southern Confederates in the States."