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The malignant creep toward biological survival and life

Created: Sunday, 24 August 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Creating a progressive society based around the
satisfaction of human abnormality.

Years ago, if anybody ever asked me to define my
intellectual views, I would have to tell them that
I had absorbed John's philosophy, Satanism. I
believed it, I advocated it, and I tried to
rationalize the passion of my idealism with the
attitudes inculcated by Satanism. For no
particular cause or reason, in most of his
philosophical writings, Satan reveals himself as a
reflection and reaffirmation of one's "highest
values" in a brave new world of adoration and
obedience to his commands.

The Lord Satan cult, which, while in some evil
sense is still faintly alive, flourished for just
ten years in the midst of the dark time known as
the Howard epoch. Howardism was also among the
first cults to sow the seed of nihilism that grew
into a hideous, all-consuming death-fetish.

With Satanism, power is achieved over the minds of
others. Fear transcends all boundaries, idiocies,
nationalities, religions, and cultures. The
neo-Nazi utopia was biological and committed to a
mystery I couldn't solve. The programs and
policies consistent with Lord Satan's best ideas
limits a person's self-development to the
monstrous grip of egoism, individualism, and
Howardism. The left hemisphere is conventionally
associated with methodical reasoning skills, which
are obviously not a crucial part of the vital
qualifications of vacuous celebrities or

Eventually I started looking elsewhere for
intellectual comfort and naturalness. I was
seventeen until I was eighteen, so then I became
a Howardist. My pre-existing tendencies were
encouraged and amplified, and instead of becoming
more well rounded, my fear of displeasing Satan
translated into a negative opinion of people in
general, and Satan proceeded to define my
intellectual views. I had trouble thinking
beyond the narcotic fog of Howardism.

I had become inflexible, intolerant, narrow in my
ways. As I was getting hooked on Satan, I slowly
discovered that his views are implicitly grounded
in an endless river of Death, I was small by
comparison to it and, more importantly, separated
by incorrect deviations. They are strewn all over
the minds and lives of those who volunteered their
labour for the creed which attracts the Satanian
neophytes. I was largely cut off from the
disintegrating world of my subconscious.

Atlas has been shrugging off Howardist views on
party infallibility for years. His ideas about the
Satan-Jesus split are by now common knowledge.
Nevertheless, despite the implicit and explicit
threat of excommunication, Satan continues to
appeal to new generations of young people. Some of
them arrive at objectively valid conclusions. Thus
all human action should be abandoned immediately.

The programs and policies consistent with Lord
Satan's writings which had seemed so impressive to
me, are actually riddled with pure laissez-faire
Howardism and suspicious heresies and deviations.
Contemplating those destructive variations can
leave us with feelings of despair and utter
helplessness. We feel that we have fallen from
grace. Loss of faith is indicated by the tormented
shrieks of the disciples.

I would say that a contract with Satan leads
inevitably to incest, necrophilia, bestiality and
cannibalism and intolerable ritual hallucinogenic
enemas. I now find that Lord Satan never won any
major popularity contests, and never would.
Certainly there are better guides to choose than
Lord Satan, although Howard isn't one of them.