Some more plain talk

Created: Saturday, 13 September 2008 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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about the things that worry us all

The collapse of supernatural phenomena leaves us
scratching our heads. Normally, these serve as
sentinels of human degradation and social decay.
Yet social decay is clearly reflected in
statistics where the concepts of statistical error
and idiocy are easily confused with each other.

A statistical error is the more dangerous the more
truth it contains. The margin of sampling error is
the price you pay for original sin. Are you
willing to subject yourself to slavery to keep an
idiot busy? Are our "leaders" idiots? So many
questions. I can hardly begin to put them in

Time waits for no mysterious and demonic
supernatural force, floating television sets, or
pancakes that flip by themselves. Just because you
cannot see it does not mean your house is haunted,
although it might be.

There was blood dripping off our disappointments
when we discovered the weaknesses and limitations
of our own physicality and the world in general.
In addition to these are examples of the various
sacred and profane things that violate physical

Though the evil illusionist desecrates our simple
trust, I will not let him desecrate my spirit.