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To journey into the hallucinogenic village of the damned

Created: Tuesday, 21 April 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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Why do you want to die in innocence when you can
have a good shot of cheap religion before total
madness makes us all ambiguous?

My text is a focused or even forced awareness of
our regular in depth discussions with Persephone.
She does not like the hypothesis of marrow, the
gesture of nerves. Forgotten like a whore so long
as she caresses the testicles of Enlightenment to
thereby attain union with money provided by the
symptoms of this horrendous present.

She said she belonged to the hunger of anti-matter
in the service of this new mechanical appliance.
She tried to rationalize the passion of my own icy
reality. Yearning for escape from her bleak,
repetitive life she creates her own reality, and
she removed from my eyes the veils of illusion.

By presenting Quantum Mechanics as the illusion of
technological rationality, I am going the extra
mile under six feet of progress. Endless is my
contention that extremist ideologues feel the
thrust of those horns of plenty laden with dozens
of kinds of fruits and nuts, overspilling with
peaches, grapes, walnuts, cashews, apples, and
oranges fed through the nozzle of mass infantilism
for the satisfactions of our subhuman voracity.

Neither intellectual comfort nor death can destroy
the glowing embers of hope. Unspeakable cruelty
will hammer open the gates of emotional idiocy so
we can be sacrificed by pagan devil-children in
the quaint village settings of the Great
Australian Dream.