Working Wicked Wonders With Wire

Created: Sunday, 14 June 2009 Written by Gentle_Tenant
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The tender art of preserving the pathetic
pomposity of pickled politicians.
I'm sure that many aspiring to the high art of
subhuman taxidermy, have been discouraged by the
tendency for clinically dead politicians to lose
their lively looks of native stupidity.

How can we plastinate, preserve, pickle or pose
politicians so as to keep their subtle subhuman
qualities fully evident?

I have the answer - wind them with wire. By poking
wire into the right places, and artfully bending
and twisting here and there, we can restore full
stupidity to the pompous, political flesh before
pickling it.

Don't be put off by early failures - just collect
more of the plentiful raw material and persist
until you produce the proper balance of pomposity,
perversion and stupidity in the presentation of
your lovingly posed, pickled pollies.