If you only knew the plans they had for us...

Saturday, 12 November 2005 By Raspberry Cordial
I am a reasonable man. I don't hate.
But why are there others that do?
Uncovered in the last week is a sinister plot that would have killed many innocents.

So now I want to shit in a Koran. Making bombs. Plans of public places. Connections thru the ether.
These loony Islamofascists had it all.

And meanwhile we are expected to sit back and take it.

To turn the other cheek as the original Catholic would say...

Well that's a sign of weakness. And call me anything but weak.

I didn't care that we invaded one of their countries. But now I'm supposed to be under attack because of it?

Loony tunes...these clowns suffer from ritual confusion...call the Imam for a reality check...too late now; these clowns started the war, well lets finish it.

All of them out of our country now.

Our children are at risk from these bearded bastards. Point them at Mecca, give them a foot up the arse and tell 'em to fuck off to wherever they came from.

I want to live with dignity; with the right to go to work without the worry that these bastards will blow me up.

Is that too much to ask?

I'm not responsible for all their troubles, their imagined greviances.

No I sit at home and twang the wire alone - what has that got to do with some crazed religion from long ago?


No, nothing at all.
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