Created: Wednesday, 21 March 2012 Written by Ricardovitz

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Why dern't white folks like going to school with Abos, Lebonese, 'n Wogs?  Seems, they's been fleeing from public schools ta git away from Aboriginal and  swarthy Arabs.  This was all put together by a secret Australian gooberment  report by high school principals.


Where the white women at?

Boy, the white folks of NSW  is sure running from the dummy-class according to a study conducted by the Secondary Principals Council.  These here education-idiots is jest now gettin 'round ta figurin out what the whole dang world done figured out long ago.  White folks dern't want thar youngens  raised with the dumbed-down dummy-class.  See, white folks have serious concerns about  disruptive Lebos, Abos, 'n Wogs undermining the public education system and threatening social cohesion. Some teachers and principals have described it as "de facto apartheid". But, all it really is thar plain fact that white blood dern't mix good with black blood.  Whites is capable of learning far more than what black folks is capable of learnin.  Black folks got sports 'n jive-dancing in thar bones, but brains ain't something they git or will ever git.

These  findings are backed by research from a University located on the west side of Australia's biggest city - rhymes with Kidney.   That thar University identified evidence of racial conflict in schools in the wake of the Cronulla riots. It also suggests students of Anglo descent are avoiding some schools with students of mainly black 'n brown background.

Public schools is losin white folks to private schools.  Now, schools is back ta RACIAL SEGREGATION - cuz, regardless of what yer left-bent goobemrment wants, racial segregation is the natural order of things.  Especially in NSW, where Abos is runnin wild like gooberment corn-fed, free-loadinn hogs, root'in up fertile land  But, the Pope's happy, cuz all them white folks is flockin to Catholic schools.

Over yonder in that town, rhymes with Kindney, the parents of some Anglo students is gettin the heck out of Lebo 'n Wog dominated Muslim public schools.   Thar tain't a dern thing them folks is up to that's any good fer Christian white boys 'n girls.


Is this place where Whitey is flying to? Hillbillyville, Georgia?

White folks is fleein from towns ware the public school's enrollment consists of flight to avoid  Muslim students and communities.  These idiot-educators jest now realize  this is so the students can "get away from their local school" - hotdern, like white folks dern't knew this since 1940's. 

Now, if you Aussies 'd jest git a li'll testicular fortitude, you'd figure out right quickly that flyin the Dixie Flag and light'n crosses in yer yards as a testimony to Our Savior, 'd do you a heap of good.