Created: Saturday, 02 September 2006 Written by Chato
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Not one to "cut and run" the plucky little
Oz PM has one more surprise for us all.

The job is almost done! The Stalinist economic
policies of the Hideous Homunculus Hogturd regime
have almost totally cored-out the arse of the Oz
economy. So fucked is the underlying structure
that the Hogturd regime is secretly arranging a
mass importation of Chinese slaves to replace
all Oz workers in key industries.

The Oz bludgers will still be used - the cream of
Ostrichlian dullness will be diverted to the breeding
camps where the Hellsong Baby Food Company(TM) are
boiling the plump new season babies in their new
high-tech cannery in Latham Valley.
The more wealthy ragheads have developed a taste for
Oz baby flesh and say that it is even tastier than
some steaming hot Joo-Stew!

Hogturd is negotiating with Dr Condom Rubberstein
and renowned humanitarian, Dr Makus Velly-Sick
on a cheap fertilizer deal with Israel as a way
to use the materials from the "BOYS IN BUCKETS"
program of repatriated Oz soldier flesh from the
carnage in remote countries. The butchery on behalf
of the other empire of dullards, the Yoo-Ess-Ay
has paid-off big-time.