Created: Monday, 16 October 2006 Written by Chato
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Watch out for the hottest show ever,
as Elvis and Irwin get together in
the real Crocodile Rock!

Yeehaw! More fun than a squeezed carbuncle,
more exciting than your dick caught in a stuck
fly zipper, and as beneficial as colon cancer.

Promoters are cashing-in on this great
once-in-a-deathtime opportunity as Elvis and
Irwin are just waiting for little Johnny Hogturd
to join them in the totally fabulous
media production, due to burst upon the
stunned masses of Oz dullards like a wave
of stinking sewage, or pandemic bird-flu.

This is the way! If you want to get into
the money - just die! You will never be more
loved or famous, your children will never be
happier, or wealthier. There will be plenty
of money for everyone, and joy to go around.

If Oz dullards could only persuade the joy
loving North Koreans to nuke Oz, most of
Oz could be with those they love best -
Elvis and Irwin, soon to be joined by the
plucky little Oz Arsewipe, Johnny Hogturd!

If all else fails, plead with mad Islamic
death-bombers to take you all to Rock and
Roll Heaven to see your heroes really
sucking arse!