The Ravening Hounds of Economic Stimulus

Created: Friday, 06 February 2009 Written by *CAPTAIN_AUSTRALIA*
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The Catholic Church still performs exorcisms on
those nights when pumpkins have clairvoyant
powers, and failure fills a bucket of corroded
torment with a callous and sick malignancy. A
terrible and unspeakable deed was done in the
service of restoring confidence.

It is beginning to get dark. Shadowy forms move
slowly over a loveless wasteland and through
months and years of empty promises. The experts in
futility are travelling this hellish extra mile
over huge seas in leaky bark condoms as their
rotting wounds that bleed just ooze mockery and
leave only desecration.

I sneer at this slime of desecration. This hideous
nightmare had been preserved before its dark
properties rotted. The Catholic Church considers
itself possessed by demonic agents of intellectual
energy. This repellent malignancy of false
information is a fetid exudation of stinking
desolation from a foul bleakness.

So, another weird nightmare of progress was alone,
without the geometry with which I intend to
splinter the unknown inside a lonely miasma of
deep agony. I believe that biology has failed
pitifully to advance through the bleakness into
the wastelands of our dreams by means of the
Einstein formula. We see portions of this
senseless delusion through a slit, which I call
the triumph of unspeakable despair, but with your
aid, I believe that I shall not lose my way.

With some chilling dark truth, the truly alien
blasphemy had been pickled before its flesh
degenerated inside the tabernacles of Babylon. And
in dreams I have tried a sort of hideous writhing
with the politics of idiocy. Its occult properties
are truly amazing. With its aid, and the crutch of
the Australian Dream, this bizarre blasphemy could
be thickly smeared with pathological and deeply
insidious splashes of sacrificial votive blood.

It is just conceivable that pumpkins have
clairvoyant powers, and many believe that Satan,
or the Devil can barely conceive of modern
nanotechnology. So nihilism won't be found in an
empty room above stupendous new vistas of
corruption and dishonesty. That is precisely why I
wish to strip from my eyes the veils of illusion
that our imperfect perception of the principles
of market discipline has thrown over them.

I enter the temples of recycled sewage. I kneel in
adoration before the thrust of market forces. The
official Church of vital bodily fluids has
withered. The repellent malignancy of universal
blasphemy has erupted from a malignant ghost town
of modern science.

My only fear is that the starving Hounds of
Economic Stimulus will return ravenous and
snarling and unsatisfied to the rotten foulness
that was once the Great Australian Dream.