Of Power, and what to do about it.

Monday, 30 December 2013 By Economic Terrorist


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The rules of the world 'Economy' are a textbook written by crooks for a class of idiots...


With some ridiculous 'New Ideal for Living' being paraded almost every day is it time for the average person to take his bat and ball and go home?

For those grappling with the ways of living nowadays the desperate rage of the self, stuck with less but always with that indispensable need to have more, appears never ending. Seems that there is always some new castle in the sky being touted, one you can only reach by running your life like a small businessman. But in this marketplace of the mind what you want is not what you get.


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We are all in competition; it's the one thing that is sinful.


The pricks in charge continually claim there is some irrefutable economic law behind their rules. It's bullshit. Economics is politics bitch; always has been, always will.

How to get the political whip hand and change these ‘rules of economics’? Supposedly we vote to make a difference, but look at the choices allowed. They make no difference at all.

The only thing power responds to is power. Once the price of bread was too high in Paris and its citizens took matters into their own hands. Are any of us ready to do the same now?


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