Where was Jesus created?

Tuesday, 26 January 2010 By FlimFlamMan

In the testicles of God? Or was he magically created and embedded into Mary's womb?


It is a wonder. He must have been created somewhere if he existed. If in the testicles of God, what does the sperm of God look like? Is it one tailed or two? What about the penis of God? Surely a sword that when unsheathed would be a frightening sight!


These are the religous questions that need to be answered. Do you think maybe somewhere in the bowels of the Vatican there is a record of learned discourse about such things? I mean they have documented bits of Jesus' foreskin, so why not his old man's pecker?

God on his way to Mary's house?

Artist conception of God on his way to Mary's house to perform the Immaculate Conception

And when we have the truth, the praying will follow.


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