I weep and rejoice with the best of 'em

Saturday, 20 April 2002 By Pervis
I think I've always felt the feeling of brotherly love to all people, and our plight.

Got confused a little when I was experiencing this sense of brotherly, or human, love with the feminine, coz obviously all these other things started to come into play within me physiologicaly.

And yes, I want to hug all you brothers (but not in a sexual way!) all you people everywhere. Non-sexual love of the ultimate kind, to share the burden of our plight, in an honorable way and to weep wth you. Too bad the world is so fucked up that this sort of thing becomes confusing....yes....also, if some one was to do it to me I would think they were either drunk ot making a pass at me; therein lies part of the dilemna.

Hey, get away from me you freak; leave me alone; I was just talking...
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